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A Super Food Cards Giveaway!

Both experienced home cooks and novice cooks know that getting a healthy, home-cooked


meal on the table every single night can be a challenge. I cook dinner (and breakfast and lunch) for my family just about every day and, in addition to doing the actual cooking, planning, shopping and cleaning up take a lot of time. I do it, though, because I actually like to cook, and I love knowing that my family is eating high quality meals, with lots of variety, tastes and textures. But I also work, have two young children and spend much of my late afternoons shuffling kids to gymanstics, soccer and playdates, so getting it all done is a constant balancing act.

The key to getting good, home cooked meals on the table is to plan meals that are simple, quick to prepare and taste good. Enter the "Super Food Cards." These water-proof cards come in eight basic categories: greens, vegetables, whole grains, beans, fruits, proteins, nuts & seeds and homemade stocks. Each card offers up simple "how to" cooking directions, secret tips, easy-to-read charts and a whole bunch of easy and satisfying recipes. No more wondering how


long to cook long grain brown rice or scrambling to find the recipe for kale chips. No more pouring through heavy cookbooks, trying to find *that* recipe or trying to turn the page while constantly stirring the risotto. These cards stay with you in the kitchen and are super easy to read while you cook (and they are waterproof - brilliant!). They teach you how to cook all the basics and give you good recipes to build on those basics. And that's the secret to successfully getting a home cooked meal on the table every single night.


We are giving away TWO SETS OF SUPER FOOD CARDS (EACH SET IS VALUED AT $24.95). Enter here!

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