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Back to School: Shared Snacks for the Classroom

Are you looking for a list of suggestions to share with your preschool (or school) director or teacher to encourage them to make healthy changes? Or does your school ask families to take turns bringing in healthy snacks? Is it "Back to School Night" and you want a list to share with other families to encourage healthy changes in the classroom? Look no further!

We've put together a list of great snacks, based on our experience in the classroom. It includes more than sixty ideas for snacks for the school classroom. No nuts! No grapes or popcorn, which tend to be choking hazards for young children! All great, fun and tasty stuff for the (pre)school snack table. You'll also find some easy ideas for "make your own" snacks that

fruit salad.jpg

children - even as young as two - can do on their own. These can be great for classroom birthday parties or as part of a "cooking" activity during the day.

Click here to view, download and print the list of classroom snacks.

Do you have other favorites!? Let us know what you like to bring or serve in the classroom.

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