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Strawberries are such a perfect snack - sweet, tasty and just so pretty. These "lollipops" are a fun way to celebrate strawberries a bit more. And, if you happen to have alot of strawberries on hand (uh hum), these are fun to make with your children and, because the strawberries are frozen, they last a bit longer.  I try to involve my kids as much as possible in the kitchen. It's not always practical though, and sometimes it's honestly just too much work. But, we had a bit of time on Saturday morning and everyone wanted to help out. This was a fun activity and didn't make a big mess!



Yogurt (I had two yogurt options. One was just a bowl of plain unsweetened yogurt; the second was unsweetened yogurt with a 1/2 teaspoon vanilla and a dash of cinnamon mixed in. If your children are used to very sweet yogurt, try the second option, as the vanilla and cinnamon hide the plain taste.)

Shaved dark chocolate (I shaved a little piece of dark chocolate with a lemon zester and it worked great; you could also use mini-chocolate chips)

Sliced almonds (or granola or another nut)

Unsweetened shredded coconut


Cake pop sticks (available at Amazon or Target)


Take the green stems off the strawberries. Insert the cake pop stick into the tip of the strawberry. Be gentle, or it'll go all the way through (in which case, just pull it back a bit). Dip each strawberry into the yogurt and place it, standing up, on a tray covered in wax paper. Using a spoon (like for the chocolate) or your fingers, sprinkle your desired toppings on each strawberry. Freeze for about 2 hours. You can then eat them or pull them off the wax paper and put them in a bag, and keep them in the freezer. Enjoy!

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