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Farmers Cupcakes

This is  a great and easy-to-make dinner or even a good lunch option for the lunch box ( you can put it in a thermos to keep it warm). The best part of this dish is that the options are endless and you can let everyone pick and choose what veggies and flavors they want to create their own cupcake. This is a great way to introduce new flavors or get your children excited about eating vegetables by giving them control and letting them choose what flavors they want to add to the eggs. They can even stir the vegetables into the egg mixture. 


While the mix-ins are endless, some of our favorites include: chopped raw avocado, cooked sweet potato, spinach, mushrooms, olives. You can also make an Italian version with sundried tomato, mozzarella and herbs or a Mexican version with peppers, onions, jalapeno and cheese. 



6 eggs, beaten with touch of milk and dash of salt

Mix-ins (avocado, baked sweet potato, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, onion, asparagus etc)

Grated cheddar cheese (or any kind of cheese)

Spices (to your liking)


Grease cupcake pan. Beat the eggs with the milk and salt. Add cheese. If you want each cupcake to be different, pour the eggs in the cupcake pan and then add in the vegetables and spices to each cucpake. Otherwise, add everything into the mixing bow and pour into the cupcake pan. Bake at 375 for about 15 minutes.


Note: Six eggs makes about six "cupcakes."

Photo courtesy of a First Bites reader

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