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In conjunction with Field to Plate, we offer online live demonstrations and discussions to teach you how to make quick and satisfying fruit and vegetable-based snacks and meals. We also discuss tips and techniques for introducing new foods to children and varying your child's diet. 


We are currently scheduling another round of sessions. Please email to be placed on a notification list for upcoming sessions. 

Our popular online live demonstration and discussion ​on learning how to make quick and satisfying fruit and vegetable-based snacks and meals gives you new ideas, teaches lots of options and alternatives, and discusses feeding techniques. You’ll also connect with other families who are interested in sharing their own recipes and tips for feeding their families. Many of the ideas can be sent in a lunchbox for school or served as part of a meal. Then, if you'd like, join us on Pinterest where you can pin and share your own recipes. 


What you will be learning in the session may include: 

Stacks: Fruit and veggies "stacks" with fun fillings

Balls: Falafal, sesame rice balls, tomato-mozzarella balls, melon balls and sweet and savory dips for the balls
Bites: Polenta bites, tempeh bites, apple miso nut butter sandwich stars, sweet potato and apple wontons
Rolls: Easy Spring Rolls with dip, collard green roll ups with fun fillings

The sessions are led by Amanda Archibald, (Field to Plate), a Culinary Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian and Caron Gremont, (First Bites). During the session, you can watch as Amanda and Caron discuss and demo the food, ask questions and enjoy a parent-centric dialogue. 


The seminar really opened my eyes to the possibilities of how veggies and fruits can be introduced to a six year old in a fun way.” - Anu, mom to a six year old

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