​First Bites is a non-profit designed to inspire and support healthy habits among 2- to 5-year-olds, their families and early child care providers. Our work weaves nutrition and culinary education into the fabric of early child care to increase children’s exposure to a variety of fruits and vegetables, expand their knowledge about healthy eating habits and increase their consumption of fruit and vegetables.


We have worked with hundreds of early child care teachers, administrators, students and families from Charter Schools, private preschools and non-profit early child care centers in the Washington DC area to get them excited about eating fruits and vegetables and teach them how to make small and simple changes to their diets that can have a big impact on their lives.


With generous support from MOMs Organic Market, we are currently offering a free, one-time class to early child care centers in the DC area. Up to ten early child care centers will be eligible for this class, which will include:


Read more here. If you are interested in applying for this, please click here for the short application.


The other kinds of services we offer include:

*We have subsidizes available for schools that qualify. 


To learn more about the program or apply to be a part of the First Bites program, please email caron@firstbites.org




From Administrators:


The earlier we start exposing children to a variety of whole  foods, the easier it will be for children to make healthier choices. First Bite's activities  are a fun  way to introduce new foods to children. Our children and teachers enjoyed preparing and eating the recipes provided by the program.”-  Bea Zuluaga, Director, Food & Nutrition Department, CentroNía 


​“The First Bites program has been a wonderful addition to our curriculum.  The program is much more than learning about healthy eating. First Bites encourages children to take risks as they try new foods, promotes independence through participating in all aspects of the cooking experience, provides the teachers with a framework regarding how to create a dialogue with children regarding healthy eating habits, and offers the families a myriad of recipes to try at home, which encourage children to begin to make healthy choices for life.” - Joanie Smeltz, Director, OK Early Childhood Education


Thank you so very much for the workshop last week for the parents.  I have had just wonderful feedback from the parents that participated…they really enjoyed meeting you and learning about the things that you were sharing.   Several have requested that we do a follow-up workshop in the near future.  I really thought it went terrific also!!” – Bini Silver, DCJCC

From Parents:

From Students  via their Teachers: